fy = adventure = freedom = peace. What’s sweeter than that?

Very cute jewelry by yellow goat

1.Bird Fly Amazon market place by avalaya 2. fly me to the moon by kris kros

1. Hot air balloon by daydream lily 2. weheartit butterfly

bird fashion fly images by carlotta mainago

1.obliterated on tumblr 2. swarovski winter bird clip

1. lovely illustration by kelly thompson 2. cupcake pink and white butterfly by zalita on deviant art

oh so adorable little birds handmade by ann woods on etsy

smarta faglars bird marker and chandelier

1.give me a hug by boglan boev 2. Winged migration by erica weiner. A detailed brass airplane charm is suspended from a delicate 16" brass chain. Airplane measures 1.5" long and 1" tall. A tiny brass sparrow flies about 3" up the chain behind the airplane charm, mirroring the shape of the flying machine. Both fly (migrate) in the same direction. Chain length is about 16 inches, so the airplane hangs just below the collarbone and the captain's wheel nestles into the hollow of the clavicle. 1.Airplane charm by Kranichs Jewelry 2. Wendy Gell Plane 3. blue airplane charm from ann jewlry, Jet-set with this adorable airplane charm. Rubies and Sapphires are used to create this pretty plane. Wings and tail are made of Yellow Gold, and the nose is made of White. The lobster claw clasp will keep this jet in place. -ann jewelry

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