CAELIEL ~ Almost Nothing’s Changed

Dear Friends!
After two days of pounding my head, thinking of a new name for my fashion line I’ve finally settled with Caeliel. It’s not too different ;) instead of heaven I called one heavenly angel. At least I will not change a lot of business things.
I thought about thousands of words, from dreamstle.. from dreams and castle, dreamysee, claize, klairstle, Klairsley, claireverie from Claire and reverie ~ from the French the state of dreaming sweetly and comfortably…a state of blissful daydream and pure happiness; dreamier, silvermist, silver glimpse and so much more and I love them all but I can only have one.
We are not saying so long to my old label name Caeli just added el. I’ve had that name since my Parsons days.. I’ve thought about that for a long time and it means heaven in latin… I got that name while attending Latin mass. But over the years it has become too generic.
I hope you like the new name and it makes you think of angels, wishes and sparkles, castles and quiet rivers, fairies, daydreams and wild field flowers, whimsical fashion, lullabies and sweet romantic vintage dresses with a modern touch hahaha J I’m keeping the caeli diaries for my blog & the website www.caelinyc.com.
Lastly, thanks for everyone who helped me find a name! My friends and family ( yes, I bothered them all) Everyone who said yay and nay, nah and oh…maybe, I don’t know.. And in spite of your busy schedules you took time to help. Thank you.

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