Happy Father's day to all fathers especially my dad! X♥X♥

Happy Father's day to all fathers especially my dad! X♥X♥
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Summer is finally here! and there are so many things I want to do, I need to do, Places I want to visit (i'll tell you about it in a bit)and people I want to see! and also there's a bunch of new dresses on my online store and there's more coming!! Here's some pics
you may view the rest here
I have a veeerrrry long list of places I want to visit this summer and maybe all of the places I have already covered on my travel blog but I'll tell you about the places that are only about an hour drive from NYC that I want to see like the Fonthill Castle in Doylestown PA. I found this lovely pics of the estate and I hope the real deal looks as pretty.

I heard there are so many beautiful details inside and I will definitely bring my camera and take lots of pictures and post it here. I love old buildings~
Also the Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania, it looks so beautiful.
I'll make a list of all the places I want to visit on my next post and list the nearby cool places for your reference too ;) right now it's almost 8 am, been up all night and I need to sleep. ( I wish people don't need to sleep or eat lol, so many things to do, so many places to see, so many people to meet...so little time! ahhh...i'm not complaining just saying 24 hours in not enough haha) and oh i'm starting to like zeebra print...can't even spell it, zebra.


Today is sketching day

:) always happy to drift in my field of drawings..


The Perfect Cocktail Dress for your body type

More parties happen around the months of April - Early September… maybe because it’s warmer and people are more motivated to go out and enjoy the nice weather. Not to mention most weddings happen around summer season.
caeliel cocktail dress. ee more cocktail 

So around this time a lot of people need that perfect party dress. Of course we don’t want to wear that dress from last years wedding, where you had a picture of you on facebook almost catching the bouquet. Or that pink dress you wore at your nephews baptism or Jane’s graduation party. You want something new! Something unique, Something trendy, and most importantly comfortable. But even if we all (secretly) love shopping, it can be hard to find that perfect dress for an important occasion that looks perfect on us. That’s why here I made a list of best dresses for each body type:

Do you have big bust?

You might want to accentuate it by wearing V neck or halter top. But if you want to draw attention away from it, choose a dress with an A line skirt.
If you have small bust:
Wear dresses that have scoop or bandeau neckline or with appliques, ruffle, sequins, or other details that add dimension. Like the dress pictured below. Avoid deep plunging necklines.
endless love dress available at http://www.caelinyc.com/

Plus size dresses:
For plus size women I always like the layered dress on them, it hides the love handles (if they have it), it’s comfortable and it looks nice. I would also recommend the wrap dress and dresses that drape nicely. Avoid fabrics that are too clingy or baggy dresses, it makes you look even bigger. Check out stores like: Avenue.com, torrid.com, asheleystewart or AlwaysForMe.com Sales for nice prints and colors.

If you are too thin:
Wear layers! Wear cardigans or light jackets or dresses that has ruffles, flower appliques, or sequins. Thick belt also make gives the body more curve. Peplum is really in right now, that adds volume and shape too.

Best dress for petite women:
Dresses that has vertical details and V neck helps make a short woman look taller. Wrap dresses look good on almost all body types but especially for petite women because of the diagonal line and V neck. Knee length or shorter dresses will make you look taller and your legs longer, the shorter, the better. Wide belts normally makes shorter women even shorter, and dresses that has horizontal details or stripes are to be avoided to.
If you have a thick waist:
Redefine your waistline by wearing either drop-waist or empire waist. Avoid thick belts.
If you have heavy arms:
Wear flowing, ¾ bell sleeves. Avoid cap sleeves or sleeveless.

but however you look and no matter what body type you have, remember that real beauty comes from the inside and the dresses and accessories just adds flavor to your natural beauty.

Unassuming Beauty

Kristen Stewart: Elle UK 2010
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