My Christmas Wishlist (Part I) :P

If Santa could read my blog he would stop by my roof and drop these gifts :)  ( I'll do my wishlist of all the things money can't buy on Wish list Part deux!)


Amazon Kindle 2 ( p.s. it's fine, if it comes with this guy :)


Halston City Suede Tight-High Boots


Giuseppe Zanotti Cindy suede ankle boots


Gucci Flora


Lanvin Two Strand Pearl bracelet

Pendentif Adamence :) Pendentif "Clochette" en forme de petite cage en or jaune 18 carats, renfermant un diamant de 0,20 carat. Collection La Belle et La BĂȘte.


and everything she's wearing! :) doitinparis

Col Paule Ka

Marion Godart
by petite mendigote

Lanvin bag

:) that's it for now...hahaha! There's wish list # 2, 3,4,5 & 10! :) maybe...


Wonderful Thanksgiving

Wishing you all the joys of a wonderful thanksgiving
thanks to weheartit for the wonderful pictures


How To Find A Job In The Fashion Industry

A blog reader emailed me and asked “ how do I find a job in the fashion industry?” So I jot down the following list to help her out and thought I would post this here to help anyone who have the same question. Just trying to help and giving my two cents, I’m not claiming to be an expert in this, in fact I would appreciate comments and additional information.

We’ve heard this before, it’s a tough economy. People are losing jobs and the ones hiring are more meticulous in choosing employees than ever before. It’s even harder when you do not know where to start. So here I’ve listed a few things that might be helpful to you & I added some job resources websites at the bottom.

1. Know exactly what you want to do ( Fashion Industry Careers)

So as not to get lost and waste your gas & time, before you travel you need to know your destination. The fashion Industry is HUGE. There’s a fashion designer, stylist, merchandiser, buyer, editor and so much more. I’ll give a summary/definition of some of the jobs I mentioned.

Fashion Stylist - From the root word style, stylists have an eye for style. They are responsible for bringing together the best pieces to create the best photos/outfit/look etc. They can work with magazines, celebrities, runway, catalogs, dress wealthy clients to events, commercials, films etc. Check out successful fashion stylists for reference like Rachel Zoe &Jeff Ihenando.

Fashion Designer - They conceptualize & make new clothing designs. They are responsible for researching trends, designing, creating, producing and promoting their lines. There are several jobs within this like, pattern maker, & technical designer. Also, most designers have specialized areas such as womens, juniors, evening, bridal, denims etc.

Fashion Merchandiser - they analyze retail and consumer trends, production costs and product direction.

Boutique Owner - A fun career to have, boutique owners have a huge closet of trendy clothes and accessories they share with their customers. They intertwine their business skill with fashion retail knowledge and style.
Fashion Illustrator - They sketch clothes and fashion accessories by hand or using softwares like CAD (computer aided design) and Adobe Illustrator. Most fashion designers do this themselves ( I do) but some not very good at drawing still hire professional illustrators, and others like magazines, catalogs and advertisers still use illustrators but most prefer photographers.

Fashion Photographer - well, surprise! They take & compose photos. Most photographers work for magazines, catalogs, fashion houses and books.
Fashion Buyer - they buy clothes for retail stores using their sense of style, trend & target customer knowledge.

Fashion Editor - they create content or supervise its process for fashion magazines, websites, newspapers, television etc.

So let’s say you already know where you are going, and sure as hell you have what it takes to do that, or at least have the passion to pursue that career.

2. Get Education The best foundation for a fashion career is to get a degree from good fashion schools like Parsons The New School for Design in NYC; Central St. Martins University of arts in London and so on . Schools teach you almost everything you need to know in your field, I said ‘almost’ because it is only by trying that you learn something fully. It also offers you the opportunity to network. Sometimes the best contact you have are your best buddies in school. Here you will see who’s good at sewing, merchandising, drafting etc. that you might need in the future. It is also good for your curriculum vitae or resume. But if you’re too cool for school and prefer to learn things your way. There are books and online tips and resources to help you know more about your chosen career and ways to hone your skills be it in drawing, photoshop or photography. After all, practice makes perfect.

3. Apply for a job
Well, after number two.. I’m not sure if you’re still there or you’re already in barnes and noble or other local bookstores or have filled out a form at some local schools. But anyway, when you think you got what it takes to do the job. Research related companies you want to work with, make a resume and cover letter. Depending on the job you want, some requires a portfolio of your past works, sketches, pictures etc. Start applying to them or you may visit the job resources sites I’ve listed below. You may start with an internship or assistant position and work your way up. And, always remember the quotes by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe “ Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it“ & by William Hutchinson Murray “ The Moment One Definitely Commits Oneself, Then Providence Moves Too”

Fashion Job Sites:

Style Careers - http://www.stylecareers.com/
Fashion.net - http://www.fashion.net/jobs/
The Fashion Tool - http://thefashiontool.com/
24 Seven Inc - http://www.24seveninc.com/
Hint mag - http://www2.hintmag.com/index.html
Fashion Career Center - http://www.fashioncareercenter.com/
WWD - http://www.wwd.com/


Miniature Sweetness

In spite of the heavy rain today I waited in line to get my miniature cupcakes at Baked by Mellisa on Spring Street. They are so yummy with flavors like Mint Chocolate Chip; Tie-dye; Cookies & Cream; S’mores; Cookie Dough, Red Velvet, Cinnamon & Peanut Butter Cup, there’s surely something for everyone!
look how tiny it is in my hands!


Who plays tennis in dress and heels? I do! ( don't try this at home) lol :))

Annika Teal dress will be available online soon.
and lastly I found this lovely image on lookbook.nu from josefin j.

so dreamy. :)


Couture is Art

not wearable? and so are the paintings on your wall.


Faith, Hope, Love and Charity

“True charity is the desire to be useful to others without thought of recompense”
- Emanuel Swedenborg.

I remembered when I was in grade school my teacher poured the stones from the jar and told me to put the stones back inside. There were big rocks and small pebbles. So I went filling the jar with the stones only to find out not everything can fit in the jar. Impossible. Do it again, she said, and this time take note of what kind of stones you put in first. I realized that I put in the smaller stones first because it seemed easy and in the end I have no room for the bigger stones. Same goes for most of us, in life we use our energy and focus with small unimportant things and don’t have time for bigger  things anymore, when we look back we’ll sometimes realize we haven’t done much.

Know your goals in life and take baby steps toward it. Don’t just go about this world trying to survive each day and not really knowing where you’re going, it‘s very easy to get lost this way. Also, make room for others, the world is vast and there’s really so much more than the 4 walls of your house or office or that someone your dating. There’s exotic Africa, Mongolia and the small hungry children who needs your love and care. The children who walks miles and miles in barefoot to go to school or draw water to drink or labors hard for a bowl of rice. The orphaned children who needs just a little attention and love from someone. An hour or two each week or month is not so much to ask isn’t it? Or donate $ 10.00 to your local charity instead of buying vodka or getting your nails done. You don’t need to have money to help, you just need to be willing to help and sometimes a smile and hug is all you need to make a difference.

The pictures are from Action Againts Hunger Org. you may visit their site to know more about what they do. I am not associated with this organization, they are just one of the non profit orgs I like.
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