Faith, Hope, Love and Charity

“True charity is the desire to be useful to others without thought of recompense”
- Emanuel Swedenborg.

I remembered when I was in grade school my teacher poured the stones from the jar and told me to put the stones back inside. There were big rocks and small pebbles. So I went filling the jar with the stones only to find out not everything can fit in the jar. Impossible. Do it again, she said, and this time take note of what kind of stones you put in first. I realized that I put in the smaller stones first because it seemed easy and in the end I have no room for the bigger stones. Same goes for most of us, in life we use our energy and focus with small unimportant things and don’t have time for bigger  things anymore, when we look back we’ll sometimes realize we haven’t done much.

Know your goals in life and take baby steps toward it. Don’t just go about this world trying to survive each day and not really knowing where you’re going, it‘s very easy to get lost this way. Also, make room for others, the world is vast and there’s really so much more than the 4 walls of your house or office or that someone your dating. There’s exotic Africa, Mongolia and the small hungry children who needs your love and care. The children who walks miles and miles in barefoot to go to school or draw water to drink or labors hard for a bowl of rice. The orphaned children who needs just a little attention and love from someone. An hour or two each week or month is not so much to ask isn’t it? Or donate $ 10.00 to your local charity instead of buying vodka or getting your nails done. You don’t need to have money to help, you just need to be willing to help and sometimes a smile and hug is all you need to make a difference.

The pictures are from Action Againts Hunger Org. you may visit their site to know more about what they do. I am not associated with this organization, they are just one of the non profit orgs I like.

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