My Reverie

Black Reverie coat, collarless, with black beads and loop closure; bow detail at the back.
Fully lined with purple silk lining. Hidden pockets on each side. Made in USA
  Now Available online please click here to see more pics & other items :)


Chocolate Dipping Adventure

Let me indulge myself a little bit. Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate. Hotel Chocolat opened its creamy doors on Newbury Street, Boston.. Yummy.. but I wish it’s in NY. This English chocolatier has sweet little luxuries like Pink Champagne Truffles, Vintage Buttons chocolate in dark and milk ~fashioned after hip fasteners of days gone by; Just Truffles Sleekster, and my favorite Chocolate Dipping Adventure that looks just like your make-up kit, a truly fun way to share chocolate with someone and a cute gift to receive and give. I like their hip little shop. And, oh they also have ghoulishly gorgeous Halloween chocolate gifts like the Boo Bag pictured below.


Bijoux Exotique

I don’t wear much jewelry in the winter time. ( it feels like winter right now) Metal feels a bit cold against my skin and with thick layers of winter clothes it just gets lost. Also sometimes some chunky fabrics just pull it off. But after seeing Wendy Brandes’ adorable jewelries I might just abandon all these reasoning.
I love the grapes necklace that looks so ambrosial and whimsical. It is made to resemble a hanging cluster of grapes, with three little amethysts that has nice violet sparkles and description like “ According to the proverb, "The sweetest grape hangs the highest." I just wanna covet. Fresh from the garden of Eden are lovely delicious fruits like pineapple, pear, cherry, pomegranate, and strawberry turned into gold. Oh and don’t think they only have fruits in paradise, cause they have all kinds of exotic little things from lions to skulls and everything just look so cute!
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Caeliel Clothing

I'm new on shopflick please visit my online store :)


Irving Penn

The iconic fashion photographer passed away at age 92. He created some of the most unforgetable & influential images. RIP Penn.

Grace Kelly ~ Style Icon

Impossibly beautiful, glamorous and elegant Grace Kelly is the cinemas fairy tale princess who later became true royalty. Her inherent sense of style, enigmatic eyes, elegance and grace is truly inspiring.

I still love this, her pose, the color and drape of the dress. This will still look chic in any red carpet today.

A true trend setter, lady like and chic.


fy = adventure = freedom = peace. What’s sweeter than that?

Very cute jewelry by yellow goat

1.Bird Fly Amazon market place by avalaya 2. fly me to the moon by kris kros

1. Hot air balloon by daydream lily 2. weheartit butterfly

bird fashion fly images by carlotta mainago

1.obliterated on tumblr 2. swarovski winter bird clip

1. lovely illustration by kelly thompson 2. cupcake pink and white butterfly by zalita on deviant art

oh so adorable little birds handmade by ann woods on etsy

smarta faglars bird marker and chandelier

1.give me a hug by boglan boev 2. Winged migration by erica weiner. A detailed brass airplane charm is suspended from a delicate 16" brass chain. Airplane measures 1.5" long and 1" tall. A tiny brass sparrow flies about 3" up the chain behind the airplane charm, mirroring the shape of the flying machine. Both fly (migrate) in the same direction. Chain length is about 16 inches, so the airplane hangs just below the collarbone and the captain's wheel nestles into the hollow of the clavicle. 1.Airplane charm by Kranichs Jewelry 2. Wendy Gell Plane 3. blue airplane charm from ann jewlry, Jet-set with this adorable airplane charm. Rubies and Sapphires are used to create this pretty plane. Wings and tail are made of Yellow Gold, and the nose is made of White. The lobster claw clasp will keep this jet in place. -ann jewelry


Honey I got New Clothes!

Blue Bubblegum Top & Dulce high-waist skirt.

Silver Glimpse Mini Dress
Love letters straight from the heeart..keep us so near while apart...

Sweet Like Candy Dress in hot pink & romantic peach hue silks.

Marigold Dress

Dresses By Caeliel. Model Lindsey. Copyright Claire Burroughs Perez

CAELIEL ~ Almost Nothing’s Changed

Dear Friends!
After two days of pounding my head, thinking of a new name for my fashion line I’ve finally settled with Caeliel. It’s not too different ;) instead of heaven I called one heavenly angel. At least I will not change a lot of business things.
I thought about thousands of words, from dreamstle.. from dreams and castle, dreamysee, claize, klairstle, Klairsley, claireverie from Claire and reverie ~ from the French the state of dreaming sweetly and comfortably…a state of blissful daydream and pure happiness; dreamier, silvermist, silver glimpse and so much more and I love them all but I can only have one.
We are not saying so long to my old label name Caeli just added el. I’ve had that name since my Parsons days.. I’ve thought about that for a long time and it means heaven in latin… I got that name while attending Latin mass. But over the years it has become too generic.
I hope you like the new name and it makes you think of angels, wishes and sparkles, castles and quiet rivers, fairies, daydreams and wild field flowers, whimsical fashion, lullabies and sweet romantic vintage dresses with a modern touch hahaha J I’m keeping the caeli diaries for my blog & the website www.caelinyc.com.
Lastly, thanks for everyone who helped me find a name! My friends and family ( yes, I bothered them all) Everyone who said yay and nay, nah and oh…maybe, I don’t know.. And in spite of your busy schedules you took time to help. Thank you.



Heavenly angel of innocence, beauty and equality.

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