November Wish List

Oki Doki..whew! I’ve been gone too long ...again. I owe you guys a bunch of posts. I’ll try to share things more often and since the cold weather’s back I prefer to be inside with a hot choco and browsing some cool stuff online and here’s what I found and liked so much! I want all of them and hope you like them too. :)                                                    
 This Valentino crystal embellished feather clutch is just so pretty.
It would go well with this Sandro Vendetta alpace and wool blend jacket or this...McQueen Tux Jacket

This Alexander McQueen pumps are so cool, it's so rock!

...also love love love this Marni copper dipped leaf earrings and necklace..it's just perfect for fall..
those jackets above would be cool with this tee
it's available here:


of course…you can’t go out without your sexy lip gloss…I love this Soleil Sucre by Elisa..it’s very sweet and tasty as the name suggests.. :)
a hot choco too ;)
image from book of secrets on tumblr

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Thanks for visiting! Hope you're all having a great week! :)


Liesl @ FabulousFashions4SensibleStyle said...

Loving your wish list and lots of you fashion posts! Thanks so much for stopping by my site and for the sweet comment!

Liesl :)

Jessica said...

Your choices are all so perfectly whimsical! I'd be too afraid to use to the clutch. I'd hate to crush any of the pretty feathers!

T.A.P.S. said...

J'adore everything in this post! Especially the feather clutch..too cute to handle.



Collette Osuna said...

SO want that clutch and shoes!!!!

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Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

OK...now I want all of those items!! Love them :)

Thanks for visting my blog - yours is way cute!

Lady Lipstick said...

Hey girl! Thank you SO much for stopping by my blog!
I am loving this blog and YES I am a follower now!
That clutch is to die for and I am going to click into that link to look at that tee!!!


Thrive on Novelty said...

I looove the McQueen Tux Jacket & the Marni copper necklace. That hot choccie looks sooooo yummy! xx

Emilie said...

oh my gooood those picks are all so fabulous!! Loving the McQueen shoes and the Marni necklace. I remember, when I did a post about my wishlisht-jewellery on my blog I also put that necklace :)

have a great weekend!



hiven said...

lovely selection!
x enter my giveaway? six whole miss patina dresses to giveaway.

Fashion Fabrice said...

All this stuff is great! I love the clutch and the Mcqueen pumps..FABULOUS!!
I recently discovered your blog! It's a great read! love your pictures and you outfits! Your style is great! Im a fan:)

I just became a follower on bloglovin!
Hope you visit me and follow me back!

Lots of love,

Have a great day:)

reub-envision said...


Jessica said...

Love that necklace!

Celine said...

That grey jacket looks so comfy!

Wear&When said...

I just found your blog, I agree with this wishlist!
if only...

zizi bloom said...

lovely post!!!
thank you for your comment!
let's follow each other if you want!!!


la mì said...

I want every thing in this post! glamour and fashion!

my name's martina and I come from Italy...I would like you follow me! I wait you and your tips!kiss kiss ^^

Anonymous said...

Love the tuxedo jacket and the earrings !!!!!!!!

Kristin said...

I seriously can't get over that bag! It's the stuff dreams are made of!

Yuliya xoxo. said...

I love shoes Alexander McQueen :D !

Christine Lilwood said...

Loving those things,,,u got a nice taste ;D

Tali said...

McQ peep toes are my dream.. I'm dying to DIY them!
I love your choice of clothes.

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