my cherry blossoms

Finally I was able to go to the park and took pictures of the cherry blossoms. I’ve been wanting to do so for a while now... each spring actually..

This pics were taken at my local park but if you want to go see cherry blossoms, I’d recommend BBG ( Brooklyn Botanical Garden) visit bbg.org. It’s always lovely in there.

Enjoy the rest of Spring! My second most fave season. Nothing beats summer for me of course. I can’t wait.

you may click on the image to zoom in :)


Rachel Scarlet said...

BEAUTIFUL!!! You know during the Chinese New Year here, we would always decorate a leaf-less branch with artificial cherry blossom made from cloth because the climate is too hot to grow them. And there you have the real one! This is absolutely splendid!

Marcie said...

I love these images. I just took a few photos of the blossoms outside my house and saved one as desktop wallpaper!

Your blog is lovely.


fancy baby said...

nice shot!

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