Thanks Santa!

Well….I was only half joking when I wrote my Christmas wish list on here…but Santa! have read my blog!…

 … and took it seriously.. ;) …oh well Santa, I’ve been half nice ;)

So... Thanks so much Santa Mommy for my Gucci flora,  and Santa Gwen for the mini one for my bag! ;) I’m addicted to it!

  for the lovely boots…Santa Vanessa, many thanks! I luv it, luv it, luv it! : - )

& for my kindle! Thanks for the amazon gift card Santa Allan, Gwen & baby Matt.

et merci Santa Mike pour mon  gloves

(Don't worry if your gift is not here...I’ve only covered the gifts I received that are in my original blog wish list...so thanks everyone for all the warm wishes and great gifts!)

…..Next year…I’ll make a longer list ;)

 Once again Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year! & I wish everyone the best of 2010!

Here's a link to the original wish list.


le pearl said...

oooo mega jelous! The only thing I asked for this christmas was an online PC game called Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 haha.

Couture Cookie said...

Nice Christmas gifts! :)

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